Welcome to the list of various things I've done:

Twitch Logo Twitch Channel Points SFX
A simple program for playing sound files when a user redeems a channel points reward on your Twitch channel.
Sapphire Server Logo Project Sapphire Server
A reverse-engineering and server emulation project for the MMO Final Fantasy XIV Online. My contributions mainly consist of the quest system and battle content for 3.3 and earlier.
Capcom Direct Server Capcom Direct Server
A complete reverse-engineering and implementation of the server that ran the matchmaking for the Capcom fighting games on the Sega Dreamcast. Due to its reliance on 56k modems and Dreamcasts being able to call eachother on a real phone line, the dreamcast community is currently working on a hardware solution to emulate this connection method and allow use of the server.
Itadaki Street 30th Aniversary Logo Itadaki Street Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary
English Translation Project
A basic English translation project for the Playstation Vita version of Itadaki Street. Project on indefinite hiatus as another group started their own user-sourced translation project.
Love Live! School Idol Paradise Logo Love Live! School Idol Paradise
English Translation Project
Proof-of-concept for an English translation of the three LL:SIP Playstation Vita games. Required writting GXTTool to convert the image based formats.
e-Reader Logo Nintendo e-Reader Wiki
A wiki dedicated to the Nintendo e-Reader. An accesssory released for the Gameboy Advance that saw very limited success.
Still in early stages.

You may also see my name come up occasionally in certain streams and/or certain k-pop circles, especially when it comes to fansubs. Thank you for your interest in my work but outside of those circles you will only find me being a programmer.

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Can you tell I'm not a modern web dev?